Group basketball lessons are a great choice because they promote improving your basketball skills and translating that against live competition.  A group basketball lesson incorporates the same concepts as individual basketball lessons, only it provides an immediate outlet to practice and use those concepts in the same exact basketball workout!

You can sign up for group basketball lessons with only 1 player.

They will be competing with and against other basketball players of the same age and skill level from all over NJ!

Morris Basketball Program has the best basketball lessons in Morris County! Our Basketball Lessons include any of the following, based on the players' needs receiving the group lesson:

Group Basketball Lesson:

  • Game Situation Basketball

  • Pick And Roll Drills

    • ​Reading The Pick And Roll

    • Scoring From The Pick And Roll

  • Rebounding The Basketball
    • ​Boxing Out
  • 1 on 1 Basketball Moves
  • ​Defense
  • Passing
  • ​Mini Basketball Competitions

Sign Up For Basketball Lessons:

Please find directions to the gym under the sign-up form below.  Contact Us for our Group Basketball Lesson schedule!

* Team Basketball Lessons * Dribbling * Shooting * How To Score In One On One Basketball * Pick And Roll * Playing Team Defense *

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